Yakovlev YAK-52

Jimmy flies the venerable YAK-52 Advanced Trainer. Designed and built as the flight trainer for the Soviet Union DOSAAF Aeroclub (a voluntary association for the support of the Army, Aviation and Fleet-paramilitary sport flying organization). The aircraft has served as military trainers for the USSR, Romanian Air Force, Lithuania, Hungarian Army and Military Flying School of Bobocu-Buzau.

The design was an adaptation of the World Aerobatics Champion YAK 50 (single seat). The  Aircraft is capable of all Aresti/FAI catalog aerobatic maneuvers. The last delivery to the USSR occurred in l99l. The aircraft is still in production with 12 built in 1997 going to the Vietnamese People’s Air Force. A westernized version is currently for sale.

Approximately 200 of the l982-1996 production have been imported to the USA in the experimental category. A unique feature is the air system – brakes, flaps, gear and starter. The instructor flew in the rear cockpit and had controls to override the brakes and simulate failures of the airspeed, attitude indicator and altimeter/vertical airspeed indicator.

Aircraft Specifications:

Length -        25'
Wingspan -   30'
Height -          9'
Roll Rate -    140 deg/sec
Max. invert - 2 minutes
G-Limits -      +7 / -5
MTOW -        2876
Fuel -           32 US Gal
T/O Roll  -    600 ft
Landing -     900 ft
Range -       280 nm
Cruise -       128 kts

Engine Specifications:

Manfacturer -     Vedeneyev
Model -              M-14P
Type -                9-cylinder Radial
Horsepower -    360 (10.6/1 Compression Ratio)